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I still really like the Bio I wrote a few years ago, but I've found parts of it aren't relevant any more, or at least as much at the forefront of the current iteration of me. It used to really bother me when things I considered core to my definition of self would drop away, but I've been around the block enough times to know that many things come and go and sometimes come again and that's just fine. When thinking of the words I'd use to describe myself now, I'd say I am a mother, a wife, a teacher, and then there are a few scraps left of me to dole out to family and friends plus be angry with Donald Trump. I am too tired for many of the pastimes I once loved even though I want to want to relish them. I don't necessarily like the busy, exhausted mess teaching has made of me, but it has its hooks in me fierce. I intensely dislike the standard question of whether I "like my job". It's as though my personal feelings on the subject are irrelevant. My job is important and I don't know how to walk away in good conscience. That plus it is challenging and never boring and some days fun. 

I still love reading, I still love hiking, I still love yoga, I still love music. I have grown increasingly fond of travel and movies. But none of these things gets high priority. I often I neglect these pursuits of pleasure even though they nourish me in important ways, and it turns out I am still me and I am still okay. I find my pleasure activities fall into three main categories. I am drawn to activities that teach me about the infinite beautiful ways to be a human. Books, movies, conversation, travel even politics fits this need for me. I also need aesthetic beauty in my life. Hiking, art, music, travel - all fill this need. I think this is strongly connected to my first category, but transcends it in ways that I cannot articulate except to say that they touch my soul. And lastly I need some movement in my body to make me feel fluid. Yoga, hiking, walking, and erstwhile running keep me going although it's been a rough stretch for me on this front. 
   - 2017

I am a thirty-something mom of two beautiful daughters and also a third year High School Math teacher. I am mostly sane. I had a wonderful career in Institutional Research (business intelligence for higher education) but decided to move to the front lines of education. It is a good season in my life for challenge and transition but I'd by lying if I said it was all good times. I am not a big fan of the glorification of busy, but I seem to be up to my neck in it.

Things important to me are my family, friends, faith, yogabooksmusic, and dark chocolate.  I love being outside except when I'd rather be curled up on the couch (which is a lot).  I get stressed when I don't exercise.  I run a lot but I'm not so big on the pushing hard thing so know that the label "run" is applied loosely.  I love cookies.  I like TV and movies but really think I should be a better person and just turn the screen off.  I like sunshine and hate wind.  Love the mountains but not the beach.  I love trees.  I hate hot weather but hate cold weather even more so living in the sunbelt suits me just fine.  I l-o-v-e Austin.  I am extremely tidy but not very clean.  I paint my toes but not my fingers.  I don't color my hair except for purple.  I am sensitive to noise but do love to have music playing all day long.  I like to do the yucky stuff first, but I also tend to be a procrastinator.  Quite often my to do list makes me grumpy but I can't live without it.  I am a problem solver.  I get things done.  I am logical.  I am analytic.  I am visual.  I am opinionated.  I find it virtually impossible to sit in a chair with both feet flat on the floor.  I am a better critic than creator.  I am a mediocre but adoring piano player.  Ditto as a singer.  I am constantly seeking input (although lately my hours for reading are too few).  I am moderately liberal in my politics.  I am a little uptight but like to play it cool.  I'm not competitive except for in my few choice arenas of excellence.  I need things to be done NOW.  I am slightly obsessed with efficiency which I call lazy and smart.  I hate having to choose between form and function - I want both.  I need things to be lined up and symmetrical.  I love color.  I hate the phone.  I love my computer.  I'd rather not cook but I do it.  I am neither a morning person nor a night owl.  I love sleep.  I love stars.  I am snarky and a talker and like big words.  I like to understand things, that makes me happy.  I love my little blog so obviously get a buzz from the intersection of writing and self disclosure.  And it helps me understand.


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