Some tidbits that got lost along the way.

Dog sitting Kathryn's lovely Leo. Getting to know and love him just a few short weeks before he died.

And then the boxer pups that Xandy and Kathryn got soon after.

Taking the girls bowling. Yet one more in a long list of things that Sylvie is motivated to work on because she "has to beat Hannah".

Some Friday night high school football.

Candy making class with Sylvie. Part of a birthday gift and lots of delicious fun.

Many trips to the dog park. Here is one of the rare times Sebastian shakes off on anyone rather than me.

 Sylvie celebrates the end of a very difficult six weeks with some Magic Sand. I was happy for the spontaneous purchase if it meant a Saturday away from the computer screen.

Sylvie's new after school pastime, blowing bubbles in the back yard with the dogs.

And a late night costumer party as the girls rummaged through the Halloween box in anticipation of the upcoming holiday.


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