Teaching week 7


I seem to have managed to injure myself just enough to prevent me from running. Yet again. This time it is my ankle and I have no idea what it is but I'm starting to get the idea that my body is done with running. I am always worried the lack of exercise will manifest as agitation and increased stress at work, but teaching is going well. There are some rough edges showing on bits of my classroom management, but my lessons are going well and I'm still happy to show up to work every day.

I'm finding a lot more peace with the bureaucratic distractions at work this year. They just don't bother me like they used to. Not unrelatedly, each year I have a little more time due to increased efficiencies, and this year I find myself with time to rework materials that I've been using and 85% happy with to a place where I'm more satisfied. Which of course makes lessons run more smoothly and increases my satisfaction as well as student performance.

I was talking to a fellow teacher at the copy machine this week (the state of the copy machines are, by the way, a huge source of frustration this year) and she joked about it being October, a notoriously low point for most teachers as they trudge forward with no real breaks until Thanksgiving. And I was transported back to my first and second year teaching where October was a daily struggle just to get out of bed. I hadn't even thought about it being "October" in that sense. I am definitely in a good place.


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