Teaching week 1


I'm interested in a series of posts chronicling my teaching year. I am hesitant to commit considering the low points in energy are significant, but I guess that's part of the point. I'm shooting for weekly but reserve the right to flake when necessary.

This was our first week back with students and my energy and positivism are high. There are good and bad things about the beginning of the year. I love the optimism of the students, all freshly committed to doing things right. Classroom management is easy and most students are paying attention and engaged. The part I dislike wholeheartedly is the lack of personal relationships and deep knowledge of each kid's struggles and strengths. I run my classroom largely on rapport and that take some time to build. I would peg myself at low average among teachers in the game of learning students' names and I feel slightly awkward in class until that is mastered. My Algebra 2 class sizes seem to be slightly lower than prior years, plus I have two sections of my Senior Financial Algebra class where I know roughly half of the students from last year, so that puts a dent in that particular struggle.

So, good first week overall. I am energized to be back (something I wasn't sure I would feel 2-3 week ago when I was still enjoying thoroughly the unstructured days of summer) and feeling hugely positive about the year. I am feeling more relaxed and confident as I sit atop the first crest of my fifth year teaching. Here we go!