The crown jewel of our summer was a week spent in Glacier National Park. I had originally planned on bringing the girls, but as plans started to solidify and I probed their interest level more and found begrudging tolerance rather than outright enthusiasm so Nathan and I opted to go alone. I am never sure if I am missing out on making family memories by traveling more without them, but at least in the short term, I am quite sure I am missing out on endless small scale squabbles and truncated excursions due to stamina shortfalls. Who knows if the trade off is a good one? Anyway, Nathan and I had a small cabin just outside of Polebridge and made that our home base for a great week exploring the park. A few days were rainy, a few days were lazy, and many days were unscripted and lovely. It was a quiet and relaxing trip in arguably some of the most beautiful land in this nation full of beautiful lands. No way could I capture it all in words or pictures. Here are a few of my favorite pictures to spark my future memories.


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