Jazz Fest


In late April I headed to New Orleans with Xandy and Kathryn to enjoy the richness of Jazz Fest. The timing is terrible for Nathan because it is always right before the AP Calculus test, but we decided to ditch him and head out anyway. It was perfect weather, a stark contrast to the rained out conditions of the second weekend, and a relaxed pace that was exactly what I needed at the end of a stressful school year. We of course stayed with Margaret and had a great time hanging out with Sarah and Patrick. I seem to live a charmed life. I am always acutely aware that such diversions and activities are not to be taken for granted.

It's hard to say what music I loved best. I really enjoy just wandering around and finding new music. The few ours we spent in front of the Zydeco tent may have been my favorite, although it's hard to top Elle King and Van Morrison.

The food at Jazz Fest is amazing, but there's no harm in a little late night trip to Cafe du Monde. There is always room for beignets!


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