With four years now under my belt, I guess I need to update my self image as a "new" teacher. I have no idea how long it takes to really feel like a master at this craft (I suspect many more than four), but it is no longer daily jarring and unexpected. Still exhausting and that will never change. This was my fourth year teaching Algebra 2 and my first year with a new course that I brought to the school and championed called Financial Algebra. It was a pretty smooth year as far as teaching goes (with lots of personal bumps along the way, but that is a separate post). I had a few pretty low emotional spots but that comes with the territory. My mix of students had more seniors than ever before and that is a *huge* challenge that will take me a long time to master. I could go on and on about the meaning of education and what-does-it-all mean type hand wringing. The pressure I feel to get kids to graduate is immense and that particular problem at a Title I school is deep and complex. But. I have crossed the finish line yet again and it is delicious sitting here on a random weekday afternoon not quite knowing or caring what time of day or even day of the week it is. It feels so good to be human again.


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