I've recently installed Timehop on my phone and this week I've been bombarded by the ghosts of birthdays past. Thing is, there are a lot of them by now and they've all mashed into a girly sleepover sugar filled blur. I certainly don't remember all the details any more even though from my writing at the time it is clear that I am not a big fan of birthday party chaos. The one clear shining detail is how much I love this girl and how she grows into an even better version of herself each and every year. This year the birthday party morphed into a weekend friend hangout at SoCo that adults were not privileged to attend. We celebrated at home with a lovely dinner made by Nathan, a family trip to the aquarium, and per Tessa's request, hot snickerdoodles delivered by Tiff's Treats. Yum.

Tessa is an intensely private, snarky, and super smart although not necessarily driven girl. She is very independent and responsible. She does not love endless conversation as much as her mom, but I suppose I can forgive her that flaw. I love this girl.


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