Year in Review 2015


This has been the most jam packed of jam packed years. I did my best to savor it all! Since my blogging fell off in June, I'll recap the first half of the year here, then hopefully a series of posts about the remaining months will follow.


  • January saw Dave and I starting the process of prepping our house for sale. We eventually took advice from our real estate agent and hired a contractor to complete several minor renovations. It took waaaay longer than we anticipated and it would be a huge headache (mostly for Dave who took the lead with all of it) but it did pay off in the end when we sold instantly in the hot sellers market. The upside, other than the cash, was that I was so sick of that house by the time it was done I wasn't teary and sentimental to see it go as I expected.
  • Nathan and I got engaged in January while out in the Texas wilderness camping with friends. Now that's a good start to the year.


  • I am happy to say that Mardi Gras is now a permanent fixture on my calendar. We had a great time as always where I took virtually no pictures. Such a feast for the eyes and I decided to let it pass undocumented. Shocking.
  • Tessa turned 14 this month. I love her for her dark humor and her casual smarts and her fiercely private creativity. Also because she wants donuts for her birthday.


  • I had the first of what would be three surgeries in March to remove an ever so stupid fibroid cyst from my uterus. Super easy surgery as far as recovery goes, but it definitely made the year more stressful. Lots of appointments and followup, not to mention the heinous symptoms that got me to the doctor in the first place. I'll spare you all the details but it was not my favorite.
  • We took the girls camping over spring break at McKinney Falls. It was a pretty perfect few days. 
  • Spring Break also found me and Nathan back in New Orleans for the wedding of a friend. It doesn't take much of an excuse to get us there. 


  • It is always a treat when my sister and her delicious baby come to visit.
  • Even though I hadn't even listed my house on the market, Nathan and I were able to start looking early and buy our lovely home. I love, love, love it. (I love the house, not the process of buying which is insane in this sellers market.) Older neighborhood, brand new remodel, right across the street from our school. I was worried about living so close, but our house hasn't even been egged yet! Last month we had a fire drill and all my students joked about going across the street to resume class at my house. I guess they all know where we live.
  • I got to travel to Boston for a work conference with good friends and colleagues. I need to go back to that beautiful city.

May (aka the month when I take all the days off of school)

  • Another spectacular hike in the Grand Canyon!
  • The banner event of the year was our beautiful wedding. This was the wedding I knew I wanted, but as we get further from the actual day I am even more pleased with the way things went. Little fuss, high impact. All of our beautiful family there to share the day with us.
  • Disney World and another wedding in Orlando.
  • Yes, even another wedding in Nashville.


  • 8th and 5th grade graduations. With both girls leaving their schools and us selling and leaving our house on Henry Kinney, this is definitely the close of one chapter and the beginning of another. Big, big change.


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