There are of course myriad reasons my writing has stopped. In my head I've been telling myself that I've been waiting for some photos from a friend to finish a travelogue of the spectacular trip Nathan and I took to Europe last summer. I have a need to finish things in order and that minor roadblock has been an easy excuse. Other contributing players to my hiatus are the omnipresent fatigue that is my life as a teacher as well as my somewhat new, somewhat cultured "live in the present" posture that has me focusing more on experience and less on documentation. But I feel I've swung too far in the other direction. I so enjoy going back to read old thoughts and relive old memories and my future self is starting to raise fuss that I'm shortchanging her.

So I'm back. Perhaps in different ways, perhaps not consistently, perhaps short lived. But here right now.

I also feel that I need to understand more my relationship to teaching and since I often process by writing that may become more of a focus. Once again solidifying my blog-for-self attitude since I doubt that is useful or interesting for many other than myself.

Today I'll make a recap of things that I have appreciated about my weekend. Specific to the opportunities presented, but perhaps emblematic of things that keep me healthy and happy. Friday evening was supposed be a live show, which is something I love and haven't been making opportunity for enough lately. I had a perfect crew lined up to join and was completely looking forward to the evening when I discovered the show was sold out. I was more than a little bummed. But just when I had written off the evening a group from my school got together after work and shot the shit for hours and reminded me how much that perfect combo of good friends and conversation invigorates my soul. And how those endless hours of conversation both deep and trivial are where I fell in love with Nathan.

Saturday started with errands. Nothing but boring appointments and lines, but some time with my girls and just enough productive to feel good about the delicious afternoon nap that followed. Nathan and I spent so much time traveling over the last year, it has become the new luxury to spend the weekends catching up on sleep. Dinner with extended family was a lovely transition and recharge. Not to mention Torchy's Tacos which j'adore. After dinner was a movie which seems to be objective number one for many of my weekends. I have come to enjoy going out to the movies more and more over the last few years. I love the dark of the theater and the huge screen in front of me. I love getting lost in a human story. I love the whole thing.

Sunday started out reading in bed. Which makes me so happy because until a few months ago I was worried that that particular passion was permanently cooled. It may never be what it once was for me as far as total pages read, but my interest and ability has shifted back to a sustainable and pleasant place and for that I am hugely grateful. Probably my push to get to bed in the 8:00 hour in recent months has helped. After some yoga, the afternoon was spent in the glorious sunshine, hiking with the dogs and a friend in the Barton Creek Greenbelt. This has been an incredibly mild winter and the near 70 degree temperatures and crisp blue skies of today have been sprinkled all throughout. Definitely a day to capitalize on. Tonight is dinner with a friend and hopefully more books in bed. A good and quiet life.


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