8th Grade Graduation


It was quite the dash around town for me to make both graduations (not to mention taking off the last day of school myself) but I am so glad I got to be a part of the big day for both my girls. It was pretty funny in the weeks running up when times for ceremonies were unsure, I would poll students in my various classes to see how they thought I should handle the very possible outcome that I would have to choose which graduation to attend. The solutions were creative, involving cardboard cut outs of myself or various lies to avoid hurt feelings. Who knew teenagers were so good at lying? Anyway, the day went off without a hitch and I got to do it all.

Tessa's middle school will be split into two different high schools and you could sense the students hesitating and realigning depending on where they would be in the fall. Tessa is getting split off from a bunch of her good friends, but she is handling it very well. The day was crazy and crowded and some chaotic, but very happy. She was very proud of her Green Tech Academy certification and academic distinctions. She's had a great run at Small.

5th Grade Graduation

I recognize that celebrating every milestone as a "graduation" is not strictly necessary. But it's hard not to get caught up in the pomp surrounding moving from one school to another. Sylvie has loved all six years at Mills and we're all sad to see it go. She will be attending a Math and Science magnet middle school next year and the excitement for that new opportunity has someone damped the sadness for leaving a familiar and beloved place. I'm super proud of this girl!



Nashville Memorial Day weekend for the wedding of a good friend. (How many weddings this year you ask? This was number 7 of 8 we would attend in the last 12 months.) We enjoyed warm green, hot chicken, some country music, BBQ, and the best idea for a wedding reception ever - an ice cream truck. Not to mention the most excellent company of many of Nathan's college cohort. The pleasure was all mine.