So we were married at the Grand Canyon on a Monday, flew home on Tuesday, then Thursday night we were on another plane headed to Orlando. Nathan had a college friend getting married in Disney World and the obvious choice seemed to be a family trip to Disney World. The girls were thrilled and the weekend was pretty wonderful.

We walked about a hundred yards from our room at the resort before the girls decided they were tired.

I loved Tessa's pleasantly complaint but slightly annoyed face that's started to creep up in some of her photos. It's nice she's mature enough to learn resignation in the face of maternal photo documentation.

One of the few rides without a terrible line. I waited in line until the last minute when I remembered that I like the idea of merry-go-rounds but hate that pesky make me throw up side effect. The collective favorite ride was definitely Space Mountain. At the outset of the trip there was much discussion about how things would go depending on Sylvie's reaction to the roller coasters. Well, apparently she loves them. We went back as many times as we could stomach the line. Maybe four or five times total in the two days we were there. Disney was having a 24 hour even while we were there so after the wedding Nathan and I woke up the girls and we headed back to the park. The lines were definitely better but it was a little shocking to all of us that there were still so many people at 3 or 4 in the morning when we finally headed back to our room.

Everyone comes out a winner when we attempt a family selfie.

On Sunday we surprised the girls by taking them to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios. We got there pretty early and got to ride a lot of the rides without the wait. Jurassic Park was a favorite but the two Harry Potter rides were totally breathtaking. Such fun. Fun at the resort pool and some much needed down time rounded out the very, very good weekend.

I promise I do occasionally teach school. Just not in May.


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