I was sifting through my photos to find some for Sylvie's soon approaching 5th grade graduation. Her teacher asked for one photo from 5th grade and one photo from Kindergarten. How in the world could I choose just one?



I traveled to Boston for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference last week. It was my first time to Boston and I really enjoyed my time there. Most of my time was occupied by the conference (which was very good) but I was able to sneak in a few hours to wander about the city. There were some lovely meals and lovely walks with friends. 

Some of my favorite moments were discovering the Sargent Gallery in the Boston Public Library, having my moment of quiet meditation in Boston Commons interrupted by a stranger from Istanbul to discuss the nature of God, a delicious (and expensive) Lobster Roll enjoyed in the chilly sunshine, or a impossibly lovely spring morning spent meandering around Beacon Hill, admiring the daffodils and other flowers. A quick trip, but a good trip.






So many good things in one day!

I got keys to our new house. I got to test out that new rediculous commute and pop over during lunch to check in on a few things. It almost maybe feels real?

My beauty of a sister and her effervescent baby arrived for a visit. I got the very best greeting of my life when Soph jumped out of her chair with joy to see me, wrapped her arms around me and hugged like there is no tomorrow. Love.

Bluebonnets, a gorgeous sunset, and temps in the mid 70s. I mean, come on! Fat Baby was a locomotive plowing through the flowers. Can't stop, won't stop.

A New House!

Yellow front door has got me happy.