I recently read and online post wherein a woman discussed choosing a word of the year to focus her New Year's intentions rather than specific goals. The year is no longer new, but I very much liked the idea and have adopted it as my own. My watchword for 2015 is "savor". I've had a bracelet made with the word etched across a silver bar to remind me.

I am a planner and an organizer and these things are not going to change any time soon. But I have found that sometimes the planning gets in the way of the living. I need to slow down and enjoy each moment for its own sake. I find myself in one of the more logistically stressful times of my life and my personality lends itself to the danger of wanting to skip over the small moments to enjoy the large. But each moment, the one in the now, deserves it's due. It's really all I've got.

2015 is going to be full of moments to savor. Nathan and I are getting married in May. This is exciting and huge and fabulous beyond words. Not a moment that would be easy to go unheralded. But I'm treating the endless minutia that will get us to that big day as a mediation and savoring all of them.

We've also just bought a house which is also exciting although it has been very stressful and won't cease to be for some time. Also the selling process is still underway and that is the yuckier side of that transaction. Moving is yet to come and I don't need to belabor how universally awful that is. But savor! Each day, good, bad, or over full of tedium, is full of opportunities to rememeber to be present. Savor. 


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