We hit the ground running this spring break and took off camping Saturday. The original plan had been Big Bend but our time was necessarily cut short so we opted for the closer McKinney Falls. Once is probably enough for camping here, the sites are too crowded and RVish, but considering it's inside Austin city limits the convenience cannot be beat. We've had a long and cold winter and this trip coinciding with the first warm weekend this year was a bonus that cannot be overstated. It was incredible. Three nights was just about right. We had just enough to enjoy the park at a super relaxed pace. Moods were high and the weekend was really just a delight. I've discovered the secret to prolonged family outings is to let Tessa invite a friend, we were happy to have Jenna with us. We mastered the hobo dinner, roasted more than enough marshmallows, got our feet cold in the falls (no one was brave enough to jump in, still a little early in the year), enjoyed lots of family games, and we're amazed by the crazy blue and green fire from Mystic Fire packets. Pretty great weekend.


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