The thought of moving from my beautiful house and neighborhood has filled me with dread for years now. But now that the time is finally coming I'm ready. The house has been in chaos for a few months now and it's about to get worse with contractors coming in to get it ready for sale. (Don't get me started on how huffy I got when the professional stager walked through and casually ticked off all of the terrible she saw in my decorating choices.) All of this has helped me let the house go; I'm more than ready for the next chapter. But I still cherish each and every run through my glorious neighborhood greenbelts, knowing they'll be over too quick. As excited as I am to move, the part of town I'm heading to is not as nice or verdant. I'm trading my South Austin oaks and greenbelts for proximity to work and and affordable price tag. C'est la vie. So I'm soaking up all the green while I can.


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