Eat more chicken


Who knows about resolutions, but we did start 2015 right with a challenge. Tessa has been complaining forever that she never gets to order enough food to sate her teenage appetite. So today we ordered a chick-fil-a party plater and saw how far she could get. I think just her reaction when she saw them handing it out the drive through window was worth the (steep) price of admission. The suggested servings for the 200 nugget platter was for 25 people, but the five of us almost finished it off. Sylvie ate twenty, Haley and I were in the mid twenties each (not really feeling the competitive burn, just enjoying some chicken nuggets), Tessa hit 40 total, but unsurprisingly Nathan bested everyone with 80. And he claims room to spare. I think Tessa could have gone further but she prepared poorly by eating a smoothie at the mall just before. Silly girl. Of course Tessa absolutely refused to let me take a picture so you'll just have to imagine the gluttony.


Janell said...

I like this so much =D

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