Summer Day 38


Day six and we decided it was time to head to town to resupply. Four miles from our shelter to US-60 then one of the many friendly local shuttle drivers took us the 9 miles into Buena Vista. We availed ourselves of the local Food Lion then a kindly stranger approached us and asked if we could use a ride anywhere. She was also from out of town, here doing some camping with her dog, and could tell from our fine coiffure that we were AT hikers. (I have surely, never in my life, smelled worse than I did right then.) She took us a few miles to the center of town where we caught a hot lunch and then another shuttle back to the trail. Another two miles to the shelter where we immediately jumped in the stream to feel semi clean before the rain started and we settled in for the night. In bed by 5:30 is heralded by all as a win.


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