Summer Day 37


10 miles today of much easier terrain. Which made for a cheery and social and just plain pleasant day. Which I think has tipped the scales for me on how I want the rest of this little adventure to play out. One of the through hikers we met joking told us that it was "all miles, no smiles" and I'll be honest that it's hard to not feel wimpy when monster hikers roll through the shelters boasting of their 20-30 mile days, or starting back out after dinner to casually tack on the hike that it took me a whole day and all the energy I possess to complete, but I'm okay with the hike that's evolving for us.

Also, we saw sunshine for the first time all week as we headed out of the trees to a mountaintop meadow. As much as I love the deep forest, the change in scenery was welcome. So many beautiful places on God's green earth.


Kari said...

Amberlina, Ha! I found your blog again! I remembered it was a u2 song. Impressed or scared? This trip is amazing. You are brave, adventurous and crazy all rolled into one. love Kari

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