Summer Day 36


All told, today we hiked 15 or 16 miles. It would be easiest to say that the 4 or 5 miles climbing 3,000 feet up The Priest was the hardest, but the last two of the day were the ones that made me cry. My feet are in pretty bad shape. I was quite optimistic the first chunk of the day that my blisters had gotten to a manageable place, but every step turned into fire as the day went on. The lovely shoes (second pair now) that have seen me down and up the Grand Canyon three times without a single blister don't seem to handle this terrain so well. I guess the weight of my pack my factor in as well.

The views today were incredible. Truly beyond description. Unfortunately, the insane amount of sweat from hiking up The Priest completely fogged up the lens on my phone's camera so much I did not capture. Spy Rock and the 300 degree view of mountain tops and trees was more than a camera could capture anyhow. Really, all of it is. Being in the forest is much more than seeing the forest.


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