Summer Day 20


Town Lake with my sisters. Love.

Summer Day 19


A perfect morning spot for reading.

Summer Day 18


Tessa the cliff jumper.

Summer Day 17


Camping at Inks Lake with my family. Water and shade make the heat bearable. Summer makes my crazy job bearable.

Summer Day 15


Picnic and swimming and crazy.

Summer Day 14


BBQ in Lockhart with the fam. Ribs, ribs, ribs.

Summer Day 13

Swimming at Deep Eddy with my sibs. The four of us don't get to be together very often, it is a huge treat to have them here.

Summer Day 12


A concert downtown on a gorgeous night with the overly gorgeous people of West Sixth Street. Too many high heels and too many selfies - not my scene. But a fun night none the less.

Summer Day 11


Bowling with baby.

Summer Day 10


Sofia Mae has come to play!

Summer Day 9


Tubing. 'Nough said.

Summer Day 8

We drew a map of the neighborhood from memory then Sylvie navigated to her school for an evening walk. The most notable thing about my map was that I cannot shake my Utah upbringing when it comes to the way I see all roads connecting in an orderly grid with tidy right angles at the intersection.

Summer Day 7


A quick stop at the Houston Museum of Art en route to Austin. Art speaks to me of the beauty of humanity. The infinite nature of that blows me away.

Summer Day 5

I've been in New Orleans for a few days now and the beauty of the city is at the forefront of my thoughts. Today we took a drizzly walk through the beautiful gardens of the Longe Vue estate. The cooler weather is welcome. The green is therapeutic.

Summer Day 4


Morning run in New Orleans. Let the sweat begin.

Summer Day 2


The walk to and from the pool is much better with a stop at the swing.

Summer Day 1


It was quite the day watching so many of my students graduate, remembering this day in my own life now twenty years ago. How could they possibly know what life has in store?



Getting Tessa to willingly take a picture is a rare thing these days. It must have been the giddy daze of the last day of school that led her to consent to this one (emphasis on one only, I also have a few of her walking away from the camera).

First, Last

This is the year she went from a baby to a grown girl, as you can see as she shows off her picture from the first day of school here on the last. And what a fine girl she is.



It is finals week which is a gleeful time for me. Four hours of watching students take tests and then my afternoons free to enjoy the sunshine. The one time of year I have the possibility of getting bored at work. To breathe.

Teachers like to darkly joke about how you can never have another first year and that is a true and joyful thing. This year has been light years easier than last and my work/life balance has been much improved. I am no longer running around like a chicken with her head cut off and can reflect and plan more strategically. I've got a shot at being good at this thing. I'm already feeling reflective about this year with plans and improvements in the works rather than just dead from the exhaustion of the year.

I have lost the illusion that teaching will ever be a normal job. It will continue to be exhausting and difficult in a non-comprehensible way. I have made permanent sacrifices that sometimes grieve me. At the forefront of that list is the energy I've lost to be directed towards my girls. I am simply not as good of a mom and probably won't regain that before it's too late. I am hoping that there is some kind of karmic balance to be achieved with my girls when they witness the dedication I feel towards the students I serve. Perhaps.

For now I am full of delicious butterflies in my stomach over the prospect of a summer to recharge. Anyone who things teachers are lazy for getting summers off has surely never witnessed the profession first hand. It is a necessity. My summer is a busy one (of course) but surely none of it will be spent reminding teenagers how to multiply by negative one.