Running last weekend through my neighborhood greenbelt I was giddy over all the bluebonnets along the path. I was recovering from the flu so there was probably as much walking as running, but the flowers made that alright.

This spring has been incredible on the wildflower front. The highways have been lousy with wildflowers which prompted me to head out to my favorite spot in Texas, the Willow City Loop. Even though the ride there and the ride back were lovely, the loop was dry and barren. A big disappointment and quite a befuddlement.

Closer to home, this spring also found us venturing over to St. Edwards University to check out their bluebonnet fields and it was pretty amazing. Such a color. This winter was incredibly long and cold and the colors have made the spring all the sweeter.


Another year of colorful eggs and candy down. I tested the waters a few weeks ago to see if my girls were ready to move past egg hunts and the like and the answer came back a resounding no. Which I expected. Who would give up all that candy willingly?


Welcome to my family. We eat rolls. And bread. And more rolls. They are usually the centerpiece of our holiday meals. Xandy has been making the holiday rolls for a few years now and I've been eating them gratefully. Ham, potatoes, turkey, all of it is good, but I love the rolls the most.

Lost Maples

I headed to Lost Maples state park for some more pack training this weekend. I didn't know much about the park, just that it was one of the few state parks with camping available on this busy three day weekend and that I saw the word "elevation" as I skimmed the paragraph describing the park. Elevation training is hard to come by in Texas, but we got plenty as the trails wind up and down the hills through the small valley. Beautiful vistas all around and most surprisingly, deciduous trees with their therapeutic fresh green color. A beautiful weekend with sublime weather and a much needed rest from school. We're entering the home stretch of the last grading cycle and I'm pretty burnt out. The upside to my down mood is that this is how I felt in about October last year. I'm definitely looking forward to summer but immensely pleased with how well the year has gone.



I have been teaching sick this week with a rediculous flu of some sort and today one of my students brought me some hot tea and chicken noodle soup. They are occasionally sweet.