I was running through lists in my mind this morning of everything I needed to put in place for Tessa's birthday and generally thinking about how big a day this is for her. And then I remembered that she's the person that made me a momma and this is an anniversary for me too. A big day.

I'll be honest and admit that despite my naïve hopes to the contrary, Tessa has become hormonal and semi-unpleasant a good chunk of the time and I don't handle it with very much grace. But watching her with her friends tonight, which I thought would be wholly unpleasant since 13 year old girls are kind of awful, I am smitten in love for my wonderful girl. I'm so proud of her good character and budding sense of smug snark. Thirteen will be bumpy no doubt, but I have no doubt where her center lies and know she will bring more good into this world than it was found with previously. That, has been my one true goal.

Happy birthday baby.


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