Merry Christmas! Another happy and relaxed celebration at home. As I've gotten older I've finally learned to leave expectations alone and just enjoy the day as it comes. And now I find that the kind gifts of my family, that demonstrate that I am known and loved and belong in my own quirky way, really move me.


I have to include these two extra pictures from gingerbread day. They both perfectly capture my girls in slightly darker moods. Gingerbread occasionally brings out the grumpy in all of us.


Happy Gingerbread day. Making gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve is one of my favorite traditions. Five houses down this year and for the first time I decorated my very own. Usually I'm too tired and busy helping the girls but they don't require much supervision any more. Tessa did a pot of Internet research this year and had lots of great ideas on her own. Maybe next year will be when I break out and try a more complicated pattern. Who am I kidding though? I really just care about eating them!



First order of business for my break from school: sunshine. It makes me feel like a ninja.



Jammies. Games. Cocoa. Yay Monday.



Cinnamon and I went for a stroll through the neighborhood today. Gorgeous sunshine which made the 60 degree temps pure heaven. Austin always finds autumn a little late and I find it incongruous yet lovely to have fall colors on the trees as my thoughts are turning to Christmas. 

Snew White

Tessa has very much enjoyed her theater class this semester and this week was the class play. Tessa had been very tight lipped about the whole production - she wouldn't tell me the name of the play or her part or really anything about it. When we showed up Tuesday for the performance I was completely surprised to find her in the title role of "Snew White", a funny parady of the classic fairy tale. She was poised and comfortable and did a pretty amazing job. The fairest in the land indeed.