I went with some friends this last week up to Inks Lake to camp for the night. The whole impetus for the trip was a fierce desire on my part to get out of the city to do a little star gazing. It's been on my wish list for months and I just couldn't let summer go without making it happen. The evening started out terribly with a pretty serious rain storm on our drive out, but things blessedly cleared and things turned out spectacularly. Our camp site was right on the water and we did a little night swimming which as it turns out is my new favorite thing. As a I floated on my back in the warm water, the view of the stars was breathtaking. Exactly what I needed. We did a little more swimming, blissful napping, and hiking the next day. That along with the ever present factor of great conversation with friends made it a perfect way to wrap up a wonderful summer. 


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