School year, let's do this. I felt just the right mix today of excited to be back and confident and calm. I'm excited to meet new kids and to get things a little more right. Calm because I've developed a better sense of flow. It no longer unravels me to have curve balls thrown at me all day long. I'm okay walking into a situation and just dealing with what I can and leaving the rest be.

After day one I am tired, but not exhausted. I forgot how tired my voice gets and how impossible it feels to learn everyone's names. I loved seeing kids from last year as they stopped by to say hi. Not sure I completely love seeing the kids from last year that are repeating my class because they failed. But I think it will be a good year. I'm back at it!


Yesterday I tried adding up all the cumulative first days of school my girls and I have had. We've got this down. No big worries or stresses today. Sylvie's off to fourth and she has a real calm confidence about moving through her school. Tessa's in 7th and her veteran status and new position on the cheer squad has earned her the responsibility of showing kids to their classes. Life is good.

The Giant O'Brien


The Giant, O'BrienThe Giant, O'Brien by Hilary Mantel
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Meh. I could see potential for a much better book, but despite its slim size, I found myself slogging through to get it done.

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I realized I never posted pictures from Sylvie's birthday party. We are right in the middle of the sleepover years for better and for worse. Party planning has largely been taken off my plate at this point, these girls want very little intervention or involvement on my part, but there is middle of the night screaming to be dealt with. The party was rainbow themed and the adorable rainbow cupcakes from Sylvie's party a few years ago were requested to make a comeback. A good time for all.


I don't know if I was more grumpy at 5:30 this morning when I woke up to hike, or an hour or so later when I realized that that despicable alarm time is actually late compared with my school year normal. Starting tomorrow. Ugh.


A friend's birthday festivities had Xan and I out this weekend, ending with a short hike to watch the sunset over Pennybacker Bridge. I love you Austin.


I went with some friends this last week up to Inks Lake to camp for the night. The whole impetus for the trip was a fierce desire on my part to get out of the city to do a little star gazing. It's been on my wish list for months and I just couldn't let summer go without making it happen. The evening started out terribly with a pretty serious rain storm on our drive out, but things blessedly cleared and things turned out spectacularly. Our camp site was right on the water and we did a little night swimming which as it turns out is my new favorite thing. As a I floated on my back in the warm water, the view of the stars was breathtaking. Exactly what I needed. We did a little more swimming, blissful napping, and hiking the next day. That along with the ever present factor of great conversation with friends made it a perfect way to wrap up a wonderful summer. 



Swimming yesterday, swimming twice today, swimming tomorrow - this is what we do. We've reached the time of year when the pool is warm enough to be less than refreshing, but I suppose it's better than not.



I headed out to McKinney Falls State Park with some friends yesterday to poke around the trails and swim some. It was a lovely morning and afternoon, but a little bitter-sweet considering next week I'm back to school and summer is at its close. It's been a fabulous summer and I am truly looking forward to the new school year, but the anxious pit in my stomach right now as I look ahead is a very real thing. I am excited to get started again and improve my practice on a hundred fronts, but when I look at the upcoming year as a whole, a little bit of panic sits under the surface. This round I know just what kind of crazy I've signed up for.