I am starting another week of professional development, this time at UT learning ways to enrich my pre-AP classes, and I'm already feeling pent up and murderous. I'm trying to pace the discontent since I'm here through Thursday, but the outlook is not good. Some observations by/about yours truly:

I am already feeling deprived of sunshine (as told by the longing photo I took out of the classroom's lone skinny window). That was one of the hardest adjustments last school year and I'm dreading doing it again.

I don't like sitting. Horizontal or vertical for me thank you very much, none of this chair stuff.

Why is it always freezing at these things?

Quite often, the people teaching PD have no clue about what life is like in my classroom. Unless you've taught in an inner city high school where poverty, chronic under-preparedness, and language barriers color every interaction, I have no patience for your pearls of wisdom.

I am a terrible student. Distracted. Cynical. Borderline disrespectful. I guess I'm trying to say I'm a terrible human being.


Anonymous said...

You aren't a terrible human being. You are reliving the student experience: sun-deprived, fidgety, uncomfortable, impatient. And, at that, you probably are well cared for and secure, prepared, and speak the language and culture fluently. At worst, that makes you an average student.

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