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Another recap, more pedestrian in nature. I have some proclivity towards an anthropological view of things and I enjoy going back years down the road and remembering what shape daily life took.
So I'll try to reconstruct some typical here, knowing that there wasn't much typical that carried through the year.

I wake up at 5:15 to head out the door at 5:30 to run three miles up and down the biggest road in our neighborhood. I hate running in the dark and I certainly don't like waking up that early, but it is a necessity for my sanity. Towards the end of the year I was pretty down on running and was hitting only threeish days a week rather than four or five, but it was still good for me. I'm in the shower by 6:00, with my girls waking at 6:30. We breakfast and they gather their lunches, with Sylvie and me out the door at 7:05-7:10 to drop her off at school. Tessa rides the bus and gets herself out the door a bit after that.

I'm at school usually by about 7:45 which gives me a little time to get some work done. I have posted tutoring hours from 8:00-9:00 every day, but most of the time I have that hour to myself. Classes start at 9:00. My school has block scheduling with Mondays and Wednesdays being an A day with periods 1-4 for 90ish minutes, Tuesdays and Thursdays are B days with periods 5-8, and Fridays being a C day with all eight classes for 45 minutes. Of course there are endless modifications to this schedule due to holidays, late starts, pep rallies, etc. On A days I had off 1st period for meetings with my "house"; on B days I had off 7th period for meetings with my department. Not much of the time in my off periods is discretionary or available for me to get any personal planning done, probably 1/3 of the 7 hours a week I have "off" - a moderate level frustration.

Our school is divided into three "houses" (think Harry Potter), named after Viking heroes as that is our mascot, with about 500 students per house. Students typically take all their classes within the house and it allows cross-disciplinary collaboration and discussion of individual students. We do pull out tutoring occasionally, or meet with students about attendance issues, plan initiatives and work on other compliance issues. I like the system a lot and am glad to be able to work with other teachers for individual student success.

School ends at 4:20 and it's my goal to be out the door at 4:22 as traffic gets worse by the minute at that time of day. I'm usually home around 5:00, give or take (usually take) 10 minutes. There were maybe three or four days the entire year where my commute pushed 90 minutes, but typically it's more like 40 minutes. Not ideal but I deal with it better than I thought I would. Tessa has been spending her after school hours at my mom's and Sylvie goes to after school care. Dinner happens by Dave's hand or by miracle most days of the week. I'm pretty dazed from a busy day and long commute when I get home. I usually stay late one day of the week at school and get work done. Sometimes I'll tack a yoga class on that, but not as often as I had hoped. Sometimes I stay late on Fridays too for a school basketball game or happy hour with friends.

At the beginning of the school year I spent a lot of time working in the evenings but that thankfully tapered off as the school year marched on and I figured out how to include small efficiencies in my days. It makes me grumpy to work in the evenings and I'm just not very productive at that time of the day. Most weekday evenings are spent either vegging out to TV or heading to church for various activities or just dealing with the regular this and that of life with kids. There is a fair amount of social activity on everyone's calendars these days as well and that is just what I need to pull me through my stressful days.


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