Sometime this spring I realized that we were in dire need of a family vacation, but I had no mental resources to deal with that. A cruise seemed like the perfect option, easy done. It was a lovely few days away, removed from responsibility and work and technology.

We drove down to Galveston early Saturday morning to board our ship. We had the rest of that day and all of Sunday on the ocean. Lots of time to sit and relax, read a book, swim a little, and of course eat until we were sick. Lots of fun diversions on the ship. I started getting a little motion sick Saturday night so I took some medicine that made me all kinds of groggy Sunday. I took seemingly countless naps which was kinda pleasant in it's own right. The food was amazing and bounteous and probably deserves a write up all on it's own. I miss the endless choices and minimal effort already. Real life, eh?

Monday we had our first port in Progresso and took an excursion to Chichen Itza, the ancient Mayan ruins. It was pretty amazing. I didn't do any research before hand (me and the limited bandwidth) and I really wish I had. It was just awesome in scope and I felt like I couldn't fully appreciate it.

Tuesday we stopped in Cozumel and we headed over to Chankanaab National Park to do a little snorkeling and spent some time in the clear kayaks. It was so beautiful. The water is a color of blue that I could never describe properly.

Wednesday we were back at sea with lots of time to relax. I had a massage and a facial and we hung out a lot at the pool. It's amazing how you can fill up your day with a whole lot of nothing. It was great.

We got back early Thursday and drove back home to Austin. It's been a day and a half off the boat now and I still feel like the ground is swaying, but it was definitely worth it. Cruising is a strange kind of vacation. I don't know if it's something I would do over much. The luxury and gluttony and shrink wrapped tourist nature of it all made me feel a little weird. But there is something to be said for sitting back and having nothing in the world to worry about. I'm a little lost without someone to place my napkin on my lap and hand me a menu of just the right amount of gourmet dining options to choose from.

More pics of our trip here.


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