New Orleans


My students finished their exit level examinations last week (crazy with still over a month of school left) and it was perfect timing to take my first day off since ACL last October. Nathan, my good friend from work, is from New Orleans and travels home frequently. This time he headed home for Jazz Fest and I invited myself and Xandy to come along with. Another friend from work, Carlos, rounded the group out into a foursome. It was a ridiculously great trip. Ridiculous. Great.

We drove out immediately after school Thursday, getting into New Orleans just before 1:00. Which is apparently when things are just get started in that beautiful city. Friday (after trying unsuccessfully to sleep in) we were at the festival and then more carousing after dark. Saturday was a crawfish boil before Jazz Fest, music all day, and then more craziness at night. Glorious weather both days too. Sunday the rain came which was fine because we opted for missing Jazz Fest and seeing a bit more of the city before making the drive back home to Austin. Nathan's family is amazing hospitable and the three pounds I gained over the weekend eating myself silly was more than worth it. New Orleans is such a beautiful city physically and in spirit. I love Austin to pieces, and a big chunk of that is the music here, but in New Orleans the connection to music is just amazing. It was a great step away from a hectic semester and a great education.

More pictures here.


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