It is in my opinion too cold for frozen yogurt tonight, but Xandy is working at the yogurt shop and we all came to support her loneliness. Family!



My sister and I made a new friend on our morning run through slaughter creek. Or I should say I made a new friend - Xandy hyperventilated and backed away in a panic.


What is a family holiday without torture by uncle? My brother fills the roll exceptionally well.



I wanted to assemble a lovely little post focusing on what I am thankful for. I feel like my venting has been front and center on my blog (and in my life) and I want to balance that with some plain and simple gratitude. But am enjoying my first day of a blissful 5 day break from school a little too much and sitting down to be that thoughtful is not what I need right now. But I am thankful, for so much. My life is immensely full of good things - that needs to be said, even in inarticulate ways.

Life of Pi

Life of PiLife of Pi by Yann Martel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this book. This read is number three or four and I loved it just as much. There are definitely some oddities in the story and I know it's not a tale for everyone, but I love the way Martel makes me think.

What I loved:
The story. The writing. The characters. And most of all the questions that the book raises. I like to wonder.

What I learned:
This time through I thought a lot about what it means to tell a story and what form truth takes. Can fiction be truer than facts?

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Still Life

Still Life (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #1)Still Life by Louise Penny
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don't read many mysteries; this one reminded me why. The writing was fine and the characters interesting, but I just don't get enjoyment from trying to assemble a pattern or string together clues when the whole thing is just made up in someone's head. My personal preferences aside, the book was enjoyable.

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Good night


Out with my sissy at Stubb's for a great show. Outside in great weather with great music makes me happy.

Sick and Tired and Mediocre


I have been sick this week and it has added a whole new dimension to teaching that I could have lived without. I did take a half day off on Thursday, but really needed more than that. Insert here copious whining and complaining about how hard it has been. I bore myself.

It came at a not so great time emotionally for me and served as one more example of the epic mediocrity that I'm wading through. I feel like I am thoroughly mediocre in every aspect of my life right now. Not an easy pill to swallow for a girl who likes to think she's got her life together. I feel like I am doing bare minimum or worse in each of my roles. I am a mediocre teacher, mother, friend, daughter, wife, congregation member, neighbor, you name it. And even worse, I just don't see another path through it. It's just a function of the resources available to me right now. Despite my whining, I'm not even overly upset about it. I am even mediocre at giving a damn right now.

Part of my sour mood is also a function of this stupid cold and the fact that I haven't been able to exercise for almost a week. Always makes me depressive. There are two things keeping me going right now. First, the lovely weather outside and the promise of a run when my cough goes away. Please be soon! And second and even bigger, the promise that Thanksgiving is coming soon and the prospect of five lovely days with nothing to think of other than my family, friends, and pie. Please, please come soon!


I saw an amazing show at the Moody Theater last week. That is a fantastic venue to say the least. Is the new theater where they tape the Austin City Limits TV program and the lobby is filled with incredible photography from the performances. Blew me away. Anyway, the show was spectacular. An acoustic set by two amazing song writers. I love Austin. Love...