I've been feeling like an update is overdue here on le blog, but I'm just not feeling very inspired to provide it. I eat and breathe teaching yet I feel like that is old news. I never intending this to be a teacher blog, but it has been an all consuming transition for me. I had lunch today with dear friends after General Conference and it felt a little like stepping back in time to glimpse at my past self. It's hard to articulate, I just feel life is so drastically different than it was a few short months ago it is a little jarring to slip back into old roles. Dave has had a promotion and big transition at work these past months as well so between that and Tessa heading off to middle school and my sister living with us now, very little of our life is the same as it was. I don't feel like I'm articulating myself very well, but suffice it to say that I am dealing with a little existential angst. Not necessarily bad, just feeling a little off center.

So more to my point, things are pretty good, if still hectic beyond reasonableness. I am feeling a modicum more relaxed in my job as I'm sitting on top of our first six weeks. It is still more work than I can do and all of my flaws at a teacher are staring me in the face on a daily basis, but the bad days aren't trashing me emotionally and I have a few nights a week where I'm not working straight through until bedtime. Baby steps.

My beautiful girls seem to be thriving as always despite the crazy of their parents. Tessa is working hard at the transition to middle school and the uptick in required personal responsibility. There have been a few minor bumps but really nothing to speak of. Sylvie's biggest hurdle has been adjusting to the longer hours of her day (since she is at after school care now) and she is doing well. She has been super responsible and helpful in general. I love those girls fierce.

So there you go, brief update gone long as per usual. Some things never change.


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