I don't think anyone is a big fan of reading a lengthy complaint about the weather, but I feel the need to document how insanely brutal running had been this summer. Then perhaps when I'm whining about the cold this winter I can go back and read this for some perspective.

It has been awful. Lows around 80 and humidity in the 90s is just stupid hot. Brutal. Insane. Profanity is truly required. Sometime around last May a miracle occurred and I decided to actually like running. And my weekly mileage more than doubled just in time for the stupidy of summer heat. Even now, running in the dark of 5:30 there is no relief to be found.

Even after 13 years living in the sunbelt I get grumpy every September when the temperatures refuse to cool off. My birthday wishlist now includes a run in 60 degree weather. Think I'll get it?


Karen said...

The forecast for Saturday (yeah, right, we believe that) says high of 91, low of 63 .. that's close! :) Actually every day when I look in the morning it's about 73-75, but then I don't run. Shutteth me up.

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