Vacation 2012


I keep waiting for a non-overwhelmed, non-busy day to write a little travelogue to accompany our vacation photos, but I'm not sure those exist for me any more. Hopefully my "moment of the day" posts gave a rough outline of our doings, and that's just going to have to suffice. It was a lovely, relaxing trip filled with family and mountains. The drive did not kill me and that is a fairly big deal as I am a big ninny about car trips.

We drove from Austin to Evanston, Wyoming where we stayed with Dave's dad. That is a good jumping off point to visit lots of Utah since it is just on the other side of the Wasatch front. We also took a little detour on our way home and visited Mount Rushmore which was a first for me and well worth the extra hours in the car. I enjoyed Mount Rushmore well enough, but I was completely enchanted by the Black Hills of South Dakota. Incredibly beautiful. Two weeks all in all and it was great to get away from the stress of my year for a short window.

I've got all of the photos on a google album here. (Still not sure what my cohesive photo archiving solution is, but google seems to be winning out lately.)


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