Lessons from my crazy day


Today was my day for stepping out of my bubble.

I got a haircut and jumped back into the world of bangs. Usually my hairdresser and I discuss *at length* my options but today I think she was feeling rushed because all I did was compliment her on her awesome bangs and mention that I was thinking of something similar and next thing I know she had snipped of a whole chunk. Lesson: sometimes it's good to just jump in without over thinking. Hair grows. Change is good.

I went roller skating for the first time in, oh, two decades. It is not as easy as I remembered. I did not fall down but certainly not for lack of trying. Lesson: it's okay to look ridiculous, no one dies. Oh, and it's more fun when I go fast and make smooth moves with my arms :-)

I hijacked my entourage (as I now fondly call my family) and we went for donuts. Lesson: Donuts are yummy. No need for a deeper meaning.

I went with friends to a flying trapeze class. It was way harder than I expected. But also totally fun and in the end completely doable. The first time I flew the sensory overload was so complete that I could not process the instructions the guy was calling out to me. Simply could not register the words he was shouting. But each time I went (four in total) more information sunk in until my body finally connected all the pieces. It was thrilling. Lesson: This was a big take away for me and where I'm at with teaching. I am so overwhelmed with the hundreds of details that I'm having a hard time putting one foot in front of the other. But I know that if I stick with it each day is going to go smoother than the last as I'm able to process more of the experience. I know I can do it.

There may or may not be video of the knee hang catch thingy I did. I cannot promise it will find it's way onto this blog :-)


Audra said...

Love your lessons. SO JEALOUS of your trapeze lesson. I want one! I will have to look into that.

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