Here we go


My teacher showed this graphic in class Saturday and it made me laugh. It illustrates a teacher's attitudes towards teaching during that difficult first year. The funny part is that I feel like I go through this cycle multiple times per day. I can go from energized and confident to overwhemled and terrified within the space of minutes. I think when it comes down to it I have a lot of confidence in my ability to figure it all out eventually, it's just the eventually part that stresses me out. Teaching is such a strange profession that you are supposed to show up on day one with all your ducks in a row and everything completely figured out. That is just crazy. CRAZY! I never appreicated how incredibly much goes into a well formed classroom management plan. The actual teaching of Math is the least of my worries.

Speaking of my class Saturday, that was also the end of my heavy rotation of class attendance and I'm thankful for that. I still have one Thursday and one Saturday per month and some homework to complete, but hopefully it will be more of a support to meet with my teachers and cohort-mates rather than just busy work. I have come to greatly enjoy the camraderie and have made some great friends. Three other teachers from my cohort are at my same school and that is a big comfort to me. It is wonderful to have some friends in my corner that truly understand this crazy roller coaster.

Starting a week from today I'm back at work for real. (Not like my summer of unemployment has been a walk in the park. I have yet to have one single day of blissful boredom. All I wanted was one!) Three weeks from today is the first day of school and when the real test begins. At least for this five minutes I'm excited.


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