It feels like we've done hundreds of first days of school. And our professional status certainly came in handy today. It's always been one of my favorite days of the year but it was a whole new beast today with me headed back to the classroom as well. To be honest, it was hard for me to focus at all on my girls, I've been so singularly focused on my own preparation. But miraculously the morning went off without a hitch.

Tessa is riding the bus for the first time as she heads off to middle school and I wasn't even there to see her off. She is amazingly responsible when it comes to time and she got herself out the door on her own to the bus stop while Dave and I took Sylvie to school. Made me a little weepy thinking of her so grown up.

I was prepared for (but not necessarily anticipating) a rough morning for Sylvie. She loves school but new situations are not always easy for her. She had asked us to walk her to class (3rd grade now!) and I was fine with that. But the minute we hit the front doors she saw her best friend and tore away. She came back when she remembered she had left us in the dust, but she didn't seem to want or need any parental company so we gave her a hug and left her to do her thing. Makes me proud to see her gaining confidence.

The new found minutes in my schedule were all for the better since it gave time for me to arrive at school in plenty of time to take a breath and organize myself for the day. High school doesn't start until 9:00 here so even with dropping off Sylvie and my medium commute I arrive an hour before school.

All three of us girls had a great day. Tessa said the bus was full of scary 8th graders, Sylvie was mad that her play scape is under construction, and I am pretty sure I'm going to lose my voice by the end of the week, but we were all smiling this evening so that is a win.

The girls on their way this morning.

Dave and the girls in front of his brand new truck, another first in the house considering we haven't bought a new car since I drove home my CRV back in 2000.

And a few pics of my classroom I took last Saturday. Why yes, that is my clock collection making a reappearance. After leaving our Phoenix home the clocks had a diaspora of sorts. Makes me happy to see them reunited. I added some new ones too, look closely on the left and you can see my new favorite Math clock. I'm pretty sure I'm already known as the "clock lady" at school. Well, that and the "pink/purple hair lady". (Funny story: my department chair actually has purple hair too. I was worried about covering it up when I was job searching, but I'm pretty sure it got me the job in the first place.)

And for no related reason, a shot of the beautiful sky this morning. Good day all around.


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