Snow Country


Snow CountrySnow Country by Yasunari Kawabata
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved this book. It's such a gem of a novel with the most amazing imagery. The introduction makes note of the author being accustom to the haiku format and it shows. It's amazing what he can describe with just a few very choice words.

What I loved:
The language first and foremost. But the story itself was sad in the best of ways. The relationships were carefully drawn but there were a lot of lose threads hanging that really kept the reader wondering.

What I learned:
I have enjoyed a lot of Japanese novels, but this one had a different perspective that I thought was extremely rich. There were tidbits about the local culture that were interesting, but this really wasn't a novel for learning about Japan, but about the relationships.

A favorite passage:
"Her words, though short and broken, were a sign that she was alive in all her vital intensity, and he knew he had not forgotten her from the fact that the listening was a trial."
"He looked up, and again the Milky Way came down to wrap itself around the earth. And the Milky Way, like a great aurora, flowed through his body to stand at the edges of the earth. There was a quiet, chilly loneliness in it, and  sort of voluptuous astonishment.
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