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Just before leaving on our trip, I was released from serving in the Primary Presidency (the leadership for the children't organization at church) which I've been doing happily for almost four years now. Lots of mixed emotions there. I have absolutely loved working with the children and the other leaders and teachers that have served with me. The gospel is at it's absolute core when you are with children and there is no better place in my opinion to teach and talk of Christ. That said, four years is a long time in any one calling and I am  glad for the change. I have missed meeting with the other adults and getting to know the other people in the ward. That will be a welcome change. My new calling is to teach Sunday School with the teenagers which is a little funny too me since it's the same age I'll be teaching Monday through Friday as well. Guess it's my season to focus on older kids as my girls grow up themselves.

I was fairly emotional the day they told me, pulling me aside before primary to schedule a meeting that could only mean one thing since all of the presidency members were approached at the same time. I got a little weepy while teaching the children knowing that I would be out of town for the next several weeks and not be able to give them a proper goodbye. (The callings are not official until announced during the main Sacrament meeting so it would have been inappropriate to tell the kids what I knew at that point.) Looking at each of the kids, the ones I adore as well as the ones that drive me crazy, I was overwhelmed with how much I'll miss being with them each Sunday. It has been a true blessing to serve them.


Denise said...

What a sweet experience it is to serve in Primary, but you've certainly put in your time and a new opportunity will be awesome. I think you'll enjoy the small setting on Sundays compared with the large classroom experience during the week. Always a new challenge in the church! :-)

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