Anatomy of a good week


Coming home from vacation is usually a bummer, but I had a fun week and I want to take a moment to record the little things.

  • Monday was book group which is always one of the highlights of my month. Just fun to socialize and chat books. I really enjoy the folks in my library group a lot. I recruited my mom to join and I was glad to have her with me. 
  • Tuesday was back to class but I was refreshed enough from my break that I wasn't surly in the least.
  • Wednesday Xandy and I went to the late show to see Shut Up and Play the Hits which was super entertaining. It's a documentary about the ending of LCD Soundsystem which I adore. We went to the new Alamo Drafthouse which always elevates movie going to an experience. Their queso tastes a little too much like Velveeta for my taste, but the peach prickly pear ironport I had to drink made up for it.
  • Thursday back at class, it is what it is. I did get to loudly debate my opinion in class which always heightens my enjoyment of scholarly pursuits.
  • Friday I went to see Iron and Wine at the Paramount which was a rich experience for sure. I had seen him at ACL but the sound was super sucky so I was excited to finally see him in a wonderful venue. Love that theater. Xandy was supposed to go with me but had to work and with most of my friends unavailable I ended up going with a casual acquaintance which was a little like an awkward first date with all the endless small talk, but it was still a fun night. Sam Bean was super funny and talkative and it was just achingly beautiful. 
  • Saturday there was a breakfast at church and it was fun to see some folks after being out of town. Attendance was mediocre but the breakfast pot luck was pretty yum.
  • And of course we went to Great Wolf Lodge with Abby and her two youngest kids this weekend which I'll post more about later.
  • And how could I forget to list lots and lots of yoga? I went every day and it was wonderful spending so much time on the mat. It's a luxury I'll soon be cutting out so I'm trying to soak it up.


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