Summer thus far


Summer is going surprisingly well as of this posing. Although we're only two weeks in and I'm mostly likely jinxing myself by saying it out loud. Summer and I have a mixed history. I am not a big fan of vast stretches of unstructured time nor am I a very super mom in the entertaining kids category. But my girls have been the perfect level of busy and also just old enough to know that chores will be the first thing out of my mouth if they fight or tell me they're bored.

Tessa had camp afternoons last week at her new middle school. Supposedly lots of fun activities related to opening lockers and finding classrooms and not being a bully. Yay middle school. Sylvie has had camp mornings this week at her school library doing all sorts of disparate activities related to who knows what other than fun. As it should be. Add to that the *endless* stream of play dates and sleepovers we've been party to and everyone involved seems to be happy. I've had classwork to keep me busy, but without that whole pesky employment thing I have more than enough time in the day to read and nap and drive girls to friends' homes and clean out a few closets that have been long neglected.

Next week my family arrives in Austin so there's will certainly be no level of "normal" for the rest of the summer. Which is good. I certainly need the distraction - I am all kinds of swimming with expectations and emotions for the upcoming school year. I'm mostly okay with it all. Mostly is a win in my book.


Denise said...

Sounds like a great beginning to summer! Enjoy every moment--it will be gone before you know it!

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