Big change going on this week. Not only was last Thursday my last day at GCC, but the very next day I received a job offer from a local high school. I have interviewed at three high schools at this point and although it is not the closest, I really like the people there and figured it just didn't make sense to pass up a job at a campus that I like to wait for the chance of a job closer to materialize. As one friend smartly told me, better to choose a good administration rather than a good commute since the working hours make up a significantly bigger portion of my day. I will be most likely teaching Algebra, not sure if it will be 1 or 2 just yet.

Leaving GCC was hard and easy both. Being a telecommuter, there was no goodbye party or awkward leaving hugs. But that's a little sad too since I've worked for GCC almost 13 years and I kinda feel like I just slunk off in the night. My boss did ask me to contract back some this summer to help with the workload until they replace me, but I haven't heard from her at all this week so I'm guessing she's either failed to receive approval or she's just scattered and disorganized like always. I'm sixes about the whole thing anyway, the money would be nice but I'm more than a little sick of the actual work.

So with job in hand I guess I'm ready to move on from the (ridiculous) stress of job searching and transition to the new stress of getting ready for the school year. It's not feeling 100% concrete at this point which never sits well with me. I like solvable problems, not just nebulous worry.


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