Austin gains a few


Austin gains a few people or Austin gains a few pounds? Read on and you'll see that both fit equally as an extrapolation of my post title.

What a week! Game changer if ever there was one. Thursday my brother and his girlfriend Katelyn flew to Austin, just having come from my sister Xandy's high school graduation in Henderson, NV. They had a few items on their Austin checklist and we are always happy to oblige when it involves yummy food. So off to the Salt Lick!

Friday we went out for breakfast tacos at Maria's on South Lamar and headed over to SoCo for a little window shopping and of course to visit Hey Cupcake and Big Top. So glad the full force of Texas heatwave decided to show up for their visit! Poor California kids were troopers about it though. But cupcakes make everything worthwhile.

Friday evening my mom and sister Xandy arrived on the scene. And not for visits but for keeps which is super exciting. They were driven all the way to Austin by my dad who was, as my mom put it, a "knight in a shining Hyundai" when he dropped everything and came and picked them up a ways past Kingman, AZ when my mom's car died an untimely death. What's an epic move across the country without a little drama? Definitely a stressful trip for my family but everyone managed it with aplomb.

Saturday I had class all day as per usual but we hung out at home and made pizzas that evening and did a little fun shopping too.

Sunday Ben and Katelyn took over my kitchen and treated us all to soooo much yummy food. Can you believe that cake?

Monday we did a little setting in around the house and I drove Xandy around to pick up every job application conceivable. Forty something all in all - she is gung ho to get things moving here in Austin. Still lots of lose ends with school and work and official resident type stuff. We took a mall trip too where Ben demonstrated his best man self by sleeping in the chairs while the girls shopped. That evening we went to Alamo Drafthouse to see Moonrise Kingdom (loved it) where I had the best milkshake ever in my entire life as everyone around me has heard me say a dozen times since.

Tuesday we headed over to Blue Hole, one of my favorite Texas spots. Lovely time relaxing and being deliciously not hot.

We also hit cupcakery number two: my favorite, Sugar Mama's. Jack's Lemon is among my favorite desserts ever and I'm not even a huge cupcake lover. We also introduced Katelyn to the magic of queso at Torchy's that evening. Torchy's gets my vote for where Xan should get a job. I'd never cook again!

Wednesday we rounded out the cupcake quest with a trip to the Whole Foods flagship store, the Disneyland of grocery stores. We had a little lunch and spent way too much time deciding on what to pick in the bakery. Ben and Katelyn flew home this evening and we'll miss them much. As will the four (four!) dogs that are currently living in my house.

Not sure what comes next. Other than packing for our trip to the Wasatch Mountains and a definite need to get back on my diet.


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