Some numbers


  • 5 days of school left for my girls
  • 5 working days left for me at GCC (I could stop the list right here with these first two items and have myself a little freak out.)
  • 13 pounds I've lost since February
  • 5 more pounds to go although I'm in a bit of a plateau and I'm okay with that
  • 31ish days until my mom and sissy arrive in Austin for keeps
  • 4 high schools that I've applied to for a teaching position
  • 0 interviews I've gotten. There is no number to rate my stress level about this. To be fair, there haven't been many interviews period for anyone, but I'd still like some movement on this front.
  • 2,766 pins to my boards on pinterest since I've joined
  • 198.1 miles I've run this year. Well, that's my total distance in running shoes anyway - I won't say how much of it I've walked :-)
  • 73 hours I spent on the yearbook this school year. Think of how much Mad Men I could have watched!
  • 39 ounces of dark chocolate I've eaten in 2012
  • Infinity - all the rest...


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