The Black Prince


The Black PrinceThe Black Prince by Iris Murdoch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. It had a little bit of everything - a crazy action filled plot, lots of achingly beautiful language, scandal, minor philosophizing, and of course love.

What I learned:
There was a lot to think about in this book about truth, perspective, age and death, gender, love, art. I loves me some deep thinking narratives. Mostly the book just made me wonder and that is the best kind of book in my opinion.

What I loved:
The language was beautiful and the plot was killer. I haven't read any of Murdoch before but I certainly will be again after this fine novel. None of the characters were completely lovable but they were all real and relate-able in their own way.

Favorite passages:
"Of course the mind of the lover abhors accident. 'I wonder by my troth what thou and I did till we loved' is a question intimate to his amazement. My love for Julian must have been figured before the world began. Sure it was lovers who discovered astrology. Nothing less than the great chamber of the stars coud be large and steady enough to be context, origin, and guarantee of something so eternal... When God said 'Let there be light' this love was made. It had no history.
"In waiting time devours itself. Great hollows open up inside each minute, each second. Each moment is one at which the longed-for thing *could* happen. Yet at the same instant the terrified mind has flown ahead through centuries of unlightened despair.

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