5th Grade Graduation


I wasn't really anticipating an emotional reaction to Tessa leaving elementary school, but her graduation this morning was sweet and funny and touching. We absolutely love our girls' elementary school. There is a great diversity and real kindness among the students and an amazing faculty and staff.

Tessa's teacher had a secret handshake with each of the kids as they walked across the stage which resulted in much cheering.

The principal of our school is amazing. Even with a student body just under 1,000 students - she knows each and every one by name. She serves as the crossing guard after school every day and you can see the care she takes to know her kids. The APs are kind and warm as well. Great staff.

I bought these roses for Tessa because this is my favorite color for her. Ever since she was born I have thought of her in terms of this peace color with it's yellow and orange and pink. It happens to be her favorite color of the moment. Kismet.

Another one of Tessa's dear friends that is moving this summer. We will miss her.

Tessa is incredibly camera adverse these days and it took more than a little cajoling to get her to consent to take a picture with me. No such luck for Dave.

I had to ambush her in her classroom later and ask her teacher for a picture to get Tessa to pose for one more. She has loved her teacher this year. He is the perfect blend of cool and funny that seems to be perfectly suited for 5th grade. Every year Tessa says her current teacher is her favorite ever and this was no exception.


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