Yay internets!


The internet is a splendid and complicated thing. It is hilarious to me that I get traffic to this little blog from all over the globe mostly by an accident of google. The internet sends people my way often from searching "eco-columns" since I did a post by that name showing a picture of Tessa's school project. Not very informative and I apologize to those seeking a DIY step by step. Then of course there is the weird hula hoop story from a few years back. I also get a lot of international traffic on the term "tomatoes are the devil's fruit" since I once posted about my food preferences and absolute abhorrence of tomatoes. I honestly thought I had made up that phrase but apparently the tomato has a history of skeptics such as myself. I am okay with attaching moral significance to my dislike of tomatoes. They deserve it.


Sarah said...

I actually get pretty creeped out when I look at the stats for my blog. Who is regularly checking me out from Saudi Arabia or Belarus? Surely it's organized crime or human traffickers. Perhaps I've read a few too many of those yahoo articles about online safety and Nigerian scam artists.

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