One last doggie tidbit. Here is one of my favorite daily scenes: Cinnamon likes to be outside, Cricket does not. So often Cinnamon is playing outside in the evenings and will sit patiently at the back door for someone to let her in when she's ready. (Unlike Cricket who will begin incessant whining from the back step 1.3 seconds after he has done his business and wants to be let back in.). On the nights Cinnamon has been outside all evening she'll be waiting there at bedtime when I put Cricket out for his last business trip of the day. Cinnamon loves Cricket, Cricket tolerates Cinnamon. So the second he steps outside Cinnamon is delirious with joy to have someone to play with. She gets overexcited and pounces all over him, dancing from one side to the next to get him interested in the action. And he growls angrily and walks away. And I laugh. Each and every time. Grumpy old man.


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