I was reading someone's post about fishing with their kids a few weeks back and it brought back the most vivid memories of my maternal grandparents. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up. We lived very close to them most of my childhood and our family spent almost every Sunday at their house. Not to mention all holidays and birthdays that were always with them and my mom's sister and her family. But some of the best times were the fishing and boating trips my grandparents took me on. Lots of hours at Pineview Resevoir or Willard Bay plus a trip or two to Strawberry. My grandpa was also big on water-skiing and I'm sure he must have been frustrated with my reluctance and awkward inability to ever be successful on that front. But still wonderful memories. I loved that boat and the smell of gasoline in my grandpa's garage and on his hands from always tinkering. I loved taking long drives with my grandpa to find worms for fishing. I loved snow mobiling in the winter with my grandpa. I loved watching him tool leather and how he patiently let me try it out. I loved my grandparent's late 70's baby blue Thunderbird, sitting up in the back window on long trips or sitting with my grandma while she pointed out the cows as we drove through the country side. I loved my grandma's pink kitchen. I loved her cookies and how she always had dessert for us at every meal. I love her canned green beans. I loved working on word searches and watching Wheel of Fortune with her in the evenings. I loved smelling her cinnamon toothpaste in the bathroom. I loved how my grandpa made kool-aid with twice as much sugar as it called for. I loved playing with my grandpa's old cameras and carefully touching his model cars and space shuttle. I loved messing around with my grandpa's strange exercise equipment - resistance bands hooked over doorknobs, a twist board, and some strange contraption that was kind of like an inversion table only it folded in the middle. I loved playing with my grandma's big tin of buttons. I loved leafing through their World Books, especially the sections on dogs and costumes of the world. I loved how they let me stay up late on the hida-bed and watch Johnny Carson. I loved picking raspberries in their back yard. I loved playing golf in the back yard with my grandpa except for one awkward incident when I was on the cusp of puberty and he made an analogy between the golf balls and my newly forming breasts. Good job Grandpa. Mostly I just loved being around them all the time. I'm sure they were far from perfect but they were important to me and I loved them dearly. They both passed away when I was a young adult and from time to time I still miss them a lot.

My cute babyness with my grandma circa 1977

Laughing with my grandparents circa 1983

At my grandparent's house. They pulled out this small folding chair whenever I came over and I'm pretty sure it is one of my favorite objects on the planet. Wish I still had it.

Grandma and my brother Ben playing trains in her kitchen circa 1985. You can just make out the pale pink cabinet paint.

My grandpa and Ben in the boat circa 1987.

On the back patio where we would clean the fish. We'll pretend I caught them all. And while we're at it, let's pretend that I made better fashion choices in the 80s.


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