FreedomFreedom by Jonathan Franzen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Franzen is a master of dysfunctional relationships. I love his writing style and the book was completely engaging for me, but some parts are just incredibly disturbing from a human relationship standpoint. I love that the characters are complex, but the dysfunction was just a tad too graphic and it left me feeling heavy.

What I learned:
I am perhaps higher functioning and happier than I might feel on a bad day. There are some pretty spectacular ways to mess up your life. Reading this book made me grateful for strong bearings and core values.

What I loved:
His descriptions are superb and the way he told the story was very interesting. Some parts were in the form of a a third person auto-biography and some parts were third person omniscient. I am always a big fan of devices that give me different points of view. I like getting to know characters well even when it's not all wine and roses. I also liked how the title's central theme was revisited time and time again; I liked to watch the meaning morph. There was also an interesting theme of forgiveness in relationships and he explored the boundaries there that I thought was interesting.

A favorite passage:
There were many great moments in this book from a language standpoint, but there was also too much dark subject and bad language to make it particularly quote worthy.

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